You win when I’m your Realtor. I bring the most unique skill set to the Madison area real estate market. Over 20 years ago, I founded an advertising, marketing and public relations firm with clients coast-to-coast. Those skills are the perfect preparation for real estate. My firm specialized in introducing new products to market which is just what I do for my sellers each and every time.

Sellers automatically get a marketing analysis to define what type of buyer is most likely to purchase their home. Everything else flows from there: staging, photography, MLS descriptions, open houses and listing syndications.

Buyers, too, receive a marketing analysis but this time it’s personal. Going way beyond budget, I look at family structure, lifestyle, career choice, hobbies, goals and dreams. With hundreds and hundreds of areas to choose from in the Madison area, I then pair all of those things with the neighborhood personality that will most likely give them the life they are looking to live. Any offer I write for you is crafted to make sellers accept your offer over all the rest. Call it micro-marketing.

My husband and I live in Madison and love it here. We live in an older home built in 1941 and have been working on improvements and updates for the 20+ years we’ve been here. To put it in perspective: we bought it from the bank after it had been abandoned for a few years. Two families of raccoons were living in each of the two fireplaces. Considering the previous homeowners supposedly had 5 dogs and a pet squirrel living inside, you can imagine the condition.

It had lovely bones, though, sitting on nearly an acre of land with towering trees and tucked way off the street. We later found out that former UW-Madison Chancellor Sewell and his wife raised their family in our home. He was Chancellor when Sterling Hall was bombed as a protest against the university’s research connections with the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. One of his children stopped by our house one day asking for a tour of her childhood home. She told us that protestors gathered in our yard on more than one occasion. After a tough year due to the protesting, he resigned as chancellor in 1968 and returned to research and teaching.

Every home has a story. The most important ones are of lives well-lived in a well-loved home. Let me help you with your story.